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★★★★★ Is there such a thing as a Lawyer with heart? If you hire Paul Wharton!

“I have known Paul for over 15 years! He is a bulldog in the courtroom and a friend outside. Where most lawyers fall short in the empathy department, Paul does not. He just doesn’t take a case, he feels that case. In other words, Paul’s relationship with his client’s do not stop at the dotted line, it continues day or night. Ask my son who Paul represented mere days ago on a drop of a dime when I called him when my son was arrested. Paul was there in a heartbeat not only consoling me but worked his years of experience where my son came home and got the best deal ever that gave my son a second chance. When my son’s hearing was over he talked to my son about his actions and long term consequences of them and at the end handed over his number to my son and said “if you need anything, anything…you call me” even when the case was over and Paul could have just left. Paul first represented me years ago and then my husband and now my son and believe you me I would not call anyone that only cared about the buck and entrust them not only with me but my whole family. We now joke how he became our family lawyer with all of our mishaps but you know what, life happens and if it’s going to happen I best be sure I have a kick a** attorney on my/our side and that’s exactly who you will get when you hire Paul Wharton. Bottom Line: When life happens, hire Paul Wharton!”

★★★★★ Paul Wharton, amazing lawyer and a kind hearted human being!!

“We hired Paul on the recommendation of a friend for a time sensitive situation. I was truly amazed, not only did he do what he said he would do for us, but made us feel like he was family. So kind and compassionate. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Paul. I would recommend Paul in a heart beat.”

★★★★★ My family is very happy for what he has done!

“After hiring couple other attorneys and fighting a D.U.I case, driving with a suspended lisence with possession of cannavis and 2 other traffic tickets things were not going no where. At that time I thought my life was ruined for ever and would never succeed in life till I found Mr.Wharton. Went over his office with no hopes at all and after he reviewed my cases and had a word with him he did not promise me anything but what he did said to me was NOT TO WORRY THAT HE WOULD GET ME OUT OF THIS which made me feel a lot better because he sounded so sure about what he was saying and for the first time after two years I felt safe, I felt like I was in good hands and after our first court I started seeing changes and today I still cant believe my driver license is in my wallet like he told me.. My family is very happy and thankful for what this man has done. I would highly recomend him to my friends and you if your having issues like mine. HE GOT THE JOB DONE LIKE HE SAID.”

★★★★★ Paul Wharton Extraordinaire

“I was pulled over and charged with a DUI in Winthrop Harbor and even though I had forgotten about an incident that happened 22 years ago he was able to work his magic and get it knocked down to a wreckless driving and got the order of suspension rescinded, so even when I was panicking he would just tell me to relax he’s got this, he doesn’t just treat you like a client he treats you like a friend and he doesn’t say he can do anything that he can’t get done, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a decent and honest attorney, I appreciate everything that he did for me in my situation, when he says he’s got your back is not just him saying something to shut you up he is really looking out for your best interest, I would recommend him to anyone that need a exceptional and decent attorney and friend because I’m glad he was on my side.”

★★★★★ Paul is who you want! Excellent Lawyer

“About 6 months ago I received a DUI driving back from “the Tap room” in Chicago to Gurnee on I-94. I was going a 105mph in my BMW and got a ticket for that as well as the failed breath test. I blew a .096 at the station and they charged me with 3 misdemeanors related to it and the speeding. Needless to say, I thought my life was over and I was very stressed out! I picked Paul as my lawyer after reading a few different reviews on the web and I feel it was the best choice I could have possibly made! Paul was able to extend the case several times until the speeding ticket was dropped and a plea agreement was made. The prosecutor did not want to drop the high speed ticket and Paul jumped though hoops by extending the case over and over until he managed to persuade the prosecutor to drop the misdemeanor to a fine. In total, I ended up only getting supervision with classes and fines. With the completion of supervision there will be no conviction!! The fines were approximately $2900 payable over a year, which I’m happy to do instead of getting a conviction. The way a supervision works is as follows. If you get court supervision for a DUI charge, the conviction will not be entered immediately. Instead the court will “supervise” you for a period of time, typically one year, after which the charge will be dismissed without a conviction. As long as you successfully complete the supervision period, the charge is dismissed. I would like to say that Paul has great character! He is a very like-able person. I really believe Paul is doing his job as a DUI Lawyer to help people out. If you’ve gotten a DUI, keep your head up and go see Paul. He will assure you that everything will be ok. Your life is not over as I thought mine was!”

★★★★★ Dismissed all my charges

“Paul B. Wharton beat my D.U.I even when I thought I didn’t have a chance. He was referred to me by my cousin which he also beat her D.U.I case. Reliable guy really easy to talk to and speaks Spanish. Thank you again Paul B. Wharton my record is clean again.”

★★★★★ Good lawyer and a kind man

“Recently, I needed legal help in a hurry. Paul was referred to me by another lawyer whose opinion I trusted. He helped me achieve the best possible outcome for a complicated, time sensitive situation. Paul did his homework and he always took the time to explain and advise. I would hire him again should the need ever arise.”

★★★★★ Paul Wharton – A true professional.

“Many times with attorneys they talk & speak another language that confuses you more! Paul is a down to earth professionals professional, he follows through, he communicates effectively, offers proper advice, and gets you answers you need as the client. I would highly recommend Paul Wharton to anyone in need of a professional who will work for you the client!”

★★★★★ Look no further for a great attorney

“Mr. Paul Wharton handled my divorce and I must say that divorce is extremely difficult in it self without having the added stress of retaining a lawyer and a good lawyer at that. With Paul there wasn’t any second guessing or doubting any suggestions or directions he took. I felt confident and at ease every step of the way. The process was swift and fair. Paul was compassionate, informative, thorough and personable. Life can be hard enough but even harder without the right attorney. Paul’s years of experience really worked in my favor through my divorce and it can really work for you in your own legal issue. I highly suggest hiring Paul Wharton.”

★★★★★ a true genius in the legal field

“He literally saved me and allowed me to change my life and go on to be a successful member of society not just an ex felon. he is a truly good hearted man and amazing attorney.”

★★★★★ Thankful

“Paul’s knowledge and professionalism helped me in a very difficult time in my life. Not only did he take the time to talk with me but I really felt I could trust him and he fought for me and for what was really the truth about my case. He is a great Lawyer and everything worked out just how it should have. Very satisfied and thankful for all he did for me.”

★★★★★ Mr. Wharton beat my d.u.i.

“I am more than thankful and glad that I found Paul. I had blown double the legal amount and was charged with a d.u.I. plus five other tickets. He fought and got the courts to drop all the charges to a misdemeanor reckless driving. Paul is very respectful, friendly, intelligent, and the best man for any case you have. Paul always was in contact and answered any questions I had. I highly recommend him.”

★★★★★ Exceptional Lawyer

“Thanks to Mr. Wharton taking my case and trying the DUI that I was falsely accused of we were able to win in court. I appreciated his honesty, advise, commitment, and effort towards my case. I would strongly endorse Mr. Wharton’s legalaity and experience in DUI cases.”

★★★★★ a job well done

“Paul did a great job with our sons juvenile case …very honest and dependable … Paul showed our family comfort in a time we needed it !! I would 100% recommend paul services to others and will also consider using Paul again if needed!!”

★★★★★ Paul Wharton

“I have used Mr. Wharton for several reasons over the years but recently I had been in a car accident and needed representation. I called Paul and explained my situation. As usual he explained what his thoughts were and said this is going to be a tough one and took my case. After a lengthy battle he managed to win my case against a ruthless insurance carrier. Throughout the entire process Paul kept me up to date and in the loop regarding all the ins and outs of my case. I would recommend Mr. Wharton for his competence his total understanding of the law and his persistence to get the best results.”

★★★★★ Law Office of Paul Wharton

“Several years ago I needed a legal advise and met with Mr. Wharton who was highly recommended by a business associate. Overall my experience has been nothing less than perfect. The value, speed, and clarity of the service have been extremely valuable and Mr. Wharton is the only attorney I work with now because I trust his judgment, expertise, and passion to help his customers. In addition, as a result of that experience I regularly refer Mr. Wharton with complete confidence that the interests of people I refer will be enhanced and protected by an experienced professional. If you need an attorney who gets results and will save you real time and money, I strongly recommend to reach out to Mr. Wharton and learn about the value of his services.”

★★★★★ Review Paul B. Wharton

“I have been a client of Paul’s for over 15 years. He is the kind of person that you can call at 4 am in the morning and expect him to make the impossible happen. I have referred to him and asked for referrals from him and have never been disappointed. His sharpness and knowledge of the law is impressive.”

★★★★★ If I can’t help you, I know who can

“I have known Mr. Wharton for over twenty years. Over the years I have found myself in need of legal counsel on several occasions. Paul has always been fair, quick to respond and easy to talk to. I am reminded of a time when we walk in to court together. While walking toward the front of the room the opposing lawyer looked up and saw Paul approaching, quickly dropping his head and said “damn” knowing he was in for a long day. While I find Paul’s understanding of the law to be vast, he will be the first to tell you “If I can’t help you, I know who can” always with my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Paul as the go to guy for all your legal needs.”

★★★★★ Paul Wharton

“I cannot say enough positive about Paul Wharton. He is calm under pressure, can think circles around anyone else, and is always a professional at the top of his game. Paul has helped me in my career as a fortune 100 company manager and worked miracles for my family on several occasions. He is the force you want in your corner.”

★★★★★ Paul Wharton as an attorney

“Paul has been handling my legal matters for over 20 years. He has always done an excellent job with everything he has done for me. His court room presence is unparalleled. Thank you Paul for everything you have helped me with through the years!”

★★★★★ Expungement

“I hired Mr. Wharton after an incident/crime which I was charged and found “not guilty” of appeared on an employment background check. He researched my case and was able to get the charge expunged from my record so that this will (hopefully) never appear again. He was reassuring and knowledgeable in handling this matter for me. I will definitely hire him for any future legal matters; and I would recommend him highly for any issue requiring an attorney.”

★★★★★ Highly Recommend

“Mr. Wharton is prompt with returning calls and answering all questions. He does not rush you off the phone or his office. He goes over and beyond for YOU. Mr. Wharton is more than the man for the job, he gets the job done. I had a DUI, Suspended License and a few other charges, I rather not state, and I was so worried that I would have a tarnished record and never drive again, but Mr. Wharton made sure that did not happen. Now I recommend him to all my family, friends and co-workers. He is the man for the JOB.”

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